Saturday, January 10, 2015

Creating a Connection in the Workbench

  1. MySQL Workbench 6.2

  1. Create a new Schema
    1. Open MySQL Workbench
      1. logon as root
    2. Create a new Schema
  2. Create a User for the Schema
    1. Grant Permissions
  3. Create a Connection on the Workbench

Creating a new Schema

Open the workbench, and logon as root.

Create a new schema, and give it a name.

Accept the defaults when you hit Apply, and click Finish.

This will create a new schema in the Navigator view of the Workbench (the left hand pane):

Create a new User

Under the Navigator Management panel of the Workbench, click on Users and Privileges.

Click "Add Account" and give the user a name and password:

Next, we need to modify the administrative roles and schema privileges.

I click on "DBA" into administrative roles, and this gives me all the privileges I want:

Then click on schema privileges:

I've selected the schema I created earlier, and granted the user all privileges on this schema only.

Setup a new Connection in the Workbench

Within the Workbench, click on the + symbol to create a new connection:

Once inside, enter the required information:

and this will create a connection icon on the workbench:

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